Westport CT7, Kuala Lumpur

Detailed design for 600m container berth
End Client:

Tony Gee undertook the detailed design for a 600m extension, CT7, to existing the berths at Kuala Lumpur Westports, with design upgraded to 16.5m draft, for 260 000t DWT, 18000 TEU vessels and 65t twin boom Portainer cranes – rail loading to 1000tonnes per 10 wheel bogie set.

Concrete piles support precast prestressed beams and profiled planks with an in-situ slab concrete deck for 50t wheel loads. Deck furniture includes 200t bollards, twin cone fender panels, service troughs, crane rails, crane storm anchor points, and lighting bases.

Tony Gee offered the client a solution that meant a slight change to the schedule so that it finished two weeks ahead of schedule.

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