Tsing Ma Bridge, Hong Kong

Scheme preparation and design of temporary works for the erection of cable saddles
Cleveland Structural Engineering MES Consortium
End Client:
Government of Hong Kong Highways Board

Tsing Ma Bridge is part of the Lantau Crossing linking the mainland to Lantau Island, the site of Hong Kong Airport. The bridge carries both vehicular traffic on the dual carriageway top deck and a railway on the lower deck. Key elements in the superstructure are the main suspension cables splay saddles. Installation of the three saddle units in the side spans each required a unique erection scheme. The saddles weigh between 65 and 175 tonnes.

Tony Gee completed the temporary works design which allowed the tram support and footway strands to be deflected to avoid clashing with the edge of the deck during placing of the units.

The temporary works included modifications to existing and provision of new support frames to support and deflect the cables in the vertical plane. Deflector frames were also provided to deviate the strands in the vicinity of a main cable support saddle situated on top of a sixty metre high pier.

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