South Road Superhighway, Australia

Construction engineering services
McConnell Dowell, Built Environs, VSL Joint Venture
End Client:
Government of South Australia

The South Road Superway project is the biggest single investment in a South Australian road project, and the state’s most complex engineering road construction project to date and will deliver a 4.8 kilometre non-stop corridor, comprising of a 2.8 kilometre elevated roadway in Adelaide.

Tony Gee was commissioned to prepare the segment shop drawings that were required to translate the Designers drawings into fabrication drawings to be used by personnel in the precast factory to construct the segments. The drawings contain all of the information and items required to construct each of the segment, including segment dimensions, setting out of prestressing ducts, reinforcement, cast-in items such as drainage, temporary access holes, ferrules, weepholes etc.
Tony Gee automated the task of production of the shop drawings, using specially written computer programs to produce the construction drawings directly. This approach has minimised the chances of typographic errors occurring during production of this vast number of drawings.

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