Seo Hae Bridge, South Korea

Check of the structural, mechanical and the basic hydraulic elements of the crane to be used for the erection of steel and precast concrete deck sections. Design check of crane plus redesign of parts which the check showed did not work.

Seo Hae Grand Bridge is the crossing of an estuary on the west coast of South Korea, having a total length in excess of 7km, making it the longest bridge in Korea. The main span is cable stayed and has a 470m clear span.

SEMC supplied a total of four derricks to Daelim, two to work out from each of the main pylons. The derricks were to lift and hold the steel frame assemblies until connected to the cantilever, and then to lift and place the precast concrete units. Tony Gee was retained to verify and certify this work, making the review constructive to suggest where improvements and cost savings could be made.

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Seo Hae Bridge