San Tin Interchange Viaducts, Hong Kong

Detailed designs for all the viaduct erection temporary works including stressing platforms and systems, segment support beams and stitching beams
Atkins China Ltd / Chun Wo Construction & Eng Co Ltd
End Client:
Hong Kong Highways Department

Improvements to the San Tin Interchange at Lok Ma Chau were required to cope with the cross-boundary traffic demand and relieve congestion in the area. The scheme comprised approximately 780m of dual two lane viaduct on slip roads and 170m of four lane viaduct.

Tony Gee was retained by Atkins China Ltd to provide stage-by-stage erection analysis for the pre-cast concrete segmental bridges. Tony Gee’s extensive construction engineering experience was called upon to develop a ‘buildable’ solution.

Under a separate contract on behalf of the contractor, Chun Wo, Tony Gee provided comprehensive construction support, carrying out the design of the temporary works design including the stressing platforms, stitching beams and temporary false balance cantilever tendon arrangement.

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