Saadiyat Island Expressway, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Alternative Design and construction support for 42,000m2 of bridges and 12000m2 of retaining walls
Leighton Contractors Abu Dhabi LLC
End Client:
Tourism Development and Investment Company

The Saadiyat Island masterplan is a new purpose built development aimed at providing a new cultural focal point to Abu Dhabi. Saadiyat, the Island of Happiness, is divided into seven districts, all connected by a 6.5km long Expressway across the island.

Tony Gee was appointed to re-design all eight bridge structures of the six and a half kilometre Saadiyat Island Expressway as a result of a value engineering exercise we carried out beforehand

Tony Gee’s alternative designs resulted in cost effective and buildable solutions for the bridges including a reduction in the number of piles required for the bridges of over 1,000 to just 314 and significant savings in both time and cost. We also designed the approaches to the bridge structures, using mechanically stabilised earth retaining walls up to 13 metres high, totalling over a kilometre long.

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