Royal Albert Hall South Steps, Kensington, London, UK

Sequence analysis, temporary works design, local permanent works redesign
John Doyle Construction
End Client:
Taylor Woodrow Construction
Fleming Award for Excellence in Geotechnical Design & Construction

The steps leading from the Albert Hall to Prince Consort Road were excavated to provide underground storage and an offloading facility with direct access to the performing arena within the Albert Hall.

The scheme comprised a contiguous bored pile wall tight to Imperial College and Albert Court on each side of the excavation and load bearing piles within the basement structure.

Tony Gee analysed the excavation sequence and modified the scheme to maximise use of the permanent works slabs in supporting the excavation phases, by use of a partial top-down technique to a maximum depth of 14 m. Columns were set on piles at low level in cased shafts, waling beams were redesigned and detailed to cater for temporary excavation forces and slab voids were spanned with temporary concrete struts for the construction phases.

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