Nile Avenue Widening, Khartoum, Sudan

Design of bridge to carry widened Nile Avenue carriageway
A&A Engineers and Constructors
End Client:
Ministry of Planning &Urban Development

Tony Gee completed the concept and detailed design for the bridge structures for the widening of Nile Avenue in Khartoum along the southern bank of the River Nile between Tuti Bridge and El Mek Nimir Bridge.

The existing road consists of a single 3.5m carriageway each way with an overall length of 2.2km. The capacity of the road has been increased by providing an additional two lane westbound carriageway and converting the existing road for eastbound traffic only to help relive traffic during peak commuting hours.

For a length of approximately 1.0km the new westbound carriageway extends over the river requiring a new bridge structure for its support. Provision has also been made for U-turn structures between the new and existing carriageways.

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