MTRC 810A, West Kowloon Terminus Building, Hong Kong

Independent review of the whole design and detailing of the structure with a view to practicality, good practice, ease of fabrication and erection
Leighton-Gammon JV
End Client:
Transport Scotland

Tony Gee is completing the independent check for the erection of the structural steel roof and associated temporary works to the new West KowloonTerminus building on the £800m Contract 810A.

The form of the roof is primarily influenced by architectural requirements, with roof mega columns consisting of fabricated welded steel plate box sections up to 70mm thick plate forming a complex 3D geometry. These steel mega columns support longitudinal steel roof trusses consisting of CHS sections with a triangular cross-section, all of which form the main structural elements of the steel roof.

The geometry of the roof trusses follow the same complexity as the mega columns and lends itself to the introduction of complex torsional and bending effects and the development of residual locked-in stresses during the construction phase. Deflections are also a key part of the structural analysis.

A combination of in-situ steel erection using working platforms, temporary support towers and trusses, in conjunction with cranes and strand jacking will be adopted to erect the roof.

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