Mass Rapid Transit Railway System, Singapore

Erection engineering design check and construction advice; alternative design of the cable stayed deck and design of the deck and pylon at each stage of the construction; calculation of the camber and cable force adjustments
Paul y, Aoki / VSL, Okmura / Hong Leong, GTM SWN Coignet, RSEA / VSL
End Client:
Singpaore MRT Authority

One of the most exciting engineering developments of its time in the world. The project was split into multiple contracts.

Tony Gee carried out designs for several contractors on a total of eight of the elevated section contracts. The twin viaducts, carrying passenger car tracks, consisted of a standard precast concrete design, but with span variations from contract to contract. Each contractor was allocated a precast yard area adjacent to the track. Tony Gee designed heavy duty gantries for handling bridge sections with weights up to 270 tonnes. Type of equipment included: goliath, transfer, beam erection and casting yard gantries; turntables; delivery and beam placing systems.

On four contracts, such as the goliath illustrated, Tony Gee not only designed, but also supplied the equipment. No less than 23 specialised purpose built systems were designed in total.

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