Korean Air Hangar at New Seoul Airport, South Korea

Full construction engineering package including supervision of the strand lift operation and QA/QC package
Hanjin Heavy Industries and Construction Co
End Client:
Korean Air

This building was to be the centre of KAL’s activities at Seoul’s new airport, offshore of Inchon.

The structure is formed by an array of diagonal trusses of constant depth, supported on four principal legs, one at each corner. The legs have moment carrying connections to the roof trusses, a fixed end restraint being built into the design at each support. The roof frame was assembled close to ground level and strand lifted to its final location with free-standing temporary work jack stands.

A full construction engineering and QA/QC package was provided in association with Sang Won Structural Engineering. The association resulted in a reduction in contract cost for the client and some technology transfer.

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Korean Air Hangar at New Seoul Airport