Kap Shui Mun Barge Dock, Lantau Island, Hong Kong

Design of reinforced concrete dock, temporary works and construction methodology.
Kumagai-Maeda-Yokogawa-Hitachi Joint Venture
End Client:
Government of Hong Kong

The western section of the Lantau Fixed Crossing, the link with Hong Kong’s new Chep Lap Kok airport. The casting yard for bridge segments was situated on the coast of Lantau Island, from where they are brought to site by barge. A barge dock was designed to facilitate load out transfer by tracks extended onto the barge when sunk onto the dock floor.

The dock was 41m long, 23m wide and 5m deep. The walls and ground slab are of reinforced concrete constructed in two halves. The landward end is cast insitu within an excavation and then the seaward end is cast within the landward end. This had temporary diaphragms across its open sides so that when the existing seawall is breached it was floated into position.

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Kap Shui Mun Barge Dock