Incheon International Airport Terminal Building Roof, South Korea

Review of erection scheme and temporary works design
Hanjin Engineering & Construction Co
End Client:
Korean Airport Construction Authority

The new Incheon Airport was developed to become a major air transport hub in north-east Asia.

The roof to the main building is supported on long span trusses, mostly of tubular construction. Stress levels and architectural requirements dictated that high quality fabrication was needed for this steel.

Hanjin elected to assemble the trusses on level 5 of the building, and then to hoist the roof panels in seven large sections using strand jacks, before installing the permanent steel supports below.

Tony Gee provided a review of the erection scheme and temporary work design, including quality assurance services and technical support from a site-based design engineer for the full perios of fabrication and erection.

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Incheon International Airport Terminal Building Roof