Hodariyat Bridge, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Design checking engineer for CAT III check of permanent and temporary works
Joint Venture Overseas AST and VSL
End Client:
Tourism Development & Investment Company

Hodariyat Bridge is Abu Dhabi’s first cable stay bridge and links the northern part of Hodariyat to Abu Dhabi Island. The bridge is 1.3km-long with a central span 200m wide and stay pylons extending some 40m above the deck level. The superstructure carries six lanes of traffic and two walkways.

Tony Gee was appointed as the Independent Design Checking Engineer for the Category III check and certification of the permanent works, together with a significant number of temporary works items related to the construction including the deck lifting equipment and the temporary works associated with the incremental launch of the approach spans.

For the CAT III Check, a stage-by-stage analysis of the complete bridge was developed using the latest SOFiSTiX software analysis package. Tony Gee also ensured the final bridge geometry complied with the specification requirements.

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