Ghantoot Racing and Polo Club, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Structural design of Grandstand
End Client:
Ghantoot Racing and Polo Club LLC

The focal point of the equestrian and racing centre in Abu Dhabi is a spectacular grandstand. The structure comprises lower public seating areas supported on a framework of steel beams and precast concrete. An upper tier of precast concrete seating is cantilevered from eighteen reinforced concrete cores by steel trusses. At the centre of the 98 metre long structure is the Royal Family Grandstand and Presidential Lodge. These areas with their winding staircases are formed in reinforced concrete supported on groups of steel columns, expressing the Islamic form of the architecture.

The very tight timescale for construction necessitated that the structural design and drawings on this project be substantially completed in a continuous period of 16 days. Despite the enormity of the task, by careful planning and co-ordination, the drawings were presented to the contractor on schedule.

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